Vietnamese Foodies, the award-winning restaurant brand known for its traditional flavours and fresh  ingredients is opening at Expo City Dubai ahead of COP28, a global event focussed on addressing climate change. The brand has been selected as one of 27 restaurants to have a food truck during the  event, and will also be opening a licensed restaurant on site.

The brand launched in UAE in 2018 with a restaurant in JLT which was received with enormous  enthusiasm, and quickly expanded opening restaurants across some of Dubai’s’ most prime  locations. The COP28 outlets bring the total number of Vietnamese Foodies branches to seven,  further paving the way for the global franchising of the homegrown brand, which was announced  earlier this year. The brand also has announced the opening of Dubai Creek Residences due to open  its doors on December 2023 at Dubai Creek Harbour. This location will have a sweeping view of  Dubai skyline including Burj Khalifa, DIFC and Downtown area from the Creek side, making it the  perfect spot to spend NYE.

Vietnamese Foodies will be open between November 13th and December 12th and will mark the  inauguration of the first branch to serve alcohol. It will be one of 15 restaurants and bars in the  vicinity, located on the MS07 Ground Floor in the Mobility Zone. Meanwhile, the food truck will be  situated in the Technology Hub within the Sustainability Zone.

COP28, the 28th Conference of the Parties, takes place from November 30th – December 12th, 2023,  and will bring together world leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss and implement  strategies to take steps for a more sustainable future. One of the most significant events in the UAE’s  calendar this year, Vietnamese Foodies will play a key role in ensuring a seamless and exceptional  F&B service.

As well as ensuring they cater to the diverse preferences of attendees from around the world, the  event brings an opportunity to showcase their commitment to aligning with the values of COP28 and  Expo City by ensuring that operations reflect environmentally friendly practices, with responsible  sourcing, and waste reduction initiatives.

Commenting on being selected to have a presence at COP28, Vietnamese Foodies Owner and  Executive Chef, Lily Hoa Nguyen said: “Vietnamese Foodies is thrilled to be showcasing our culinary  creativity at COP28 and contributing to a global platform dedicated to sustainability, innovation, and  gastronomic delight, catering to a wide range of dietary preferences. We are looking forward to being  a key part of delegates’ culinary experience, which is a celebration of diverse cuisine and concepts,  and being part of this milestone opportunity to share the vibrant flavours of Vietnam with the  world.”

Vietnamese Foodies is known for its authentic, fresh, and delicious dishes at accessible prices,  including Pho, Bun Bo Hue, Banh Mi and Goi Cuon (rice paper rolls) among many others, with menus  taking inspiration from the culinary diversity of Ho Chi Minh City and its abundance of flavourful and  affordable dishes. All dishes are beautifully prepared using classic techniques – including Pho,  simmered for 14 hours – with the aromatic flavours of the food transporting diners from Dubai to the  bustling streets of the Vietnamese capital.