Lily Hoa Nguyen brings the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine to Dubai

While the brand is constantly expanding, instead of pursuing economic purposes, the founder and head chef of Vietnamese origin Lily Hoa Nguyen insists that she “always puts people before profits”.

“We are not in business just to make a profit, our restaurant takes care of our employees and treats them like family.” Lily Hoa Nguyen shared.

The spirit of putting people before profit is clearly reflected in the working culture of Vietnamese Foodies. Lily Hoa Nguyen affirmed that Vietnamese Foodies honors two types of culture. The first is the cultural heritage of Vietnam and besides, no less important is the corporate culture of Vietnamese Foodies: honoring and treating employees like family.

” We have different locations and different branches, but each employee can feel that he is truly part of a larger family. That’s why employees always try to support each other and help each other. For example, when there is a new member, an employee will be assigned as a model so that the new employee can follow, learn during the probationary period and quickly integrate into the team culture of the company. This is very important to us and has been very successful so far in fact.”

This founder doesn’t just dedicate one New Year’s Day to his employees. Caring for and motivating employees is done every day.

She said the way to take care and raise the morale of her employees is to always be with them. “During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had a very difficult year, but we do not leave anyone to fight the pandemic alone and do not cut anyone’s salary. I always make sure employees are protected. care and a safe place to live. They are not only the people who work for me, they are part of my family.”

Besides, she also shared: “A lot of employees are the breadwinners for their families in their homeland. So making sure our employees are financially stable is very important.”

Nurturing people from within to achieve sustainable success

In addition to an open working atmosphere and financial support, Vietnamese Foodies also encourages and creates conditions for talent nurturing and human development.

Lily Hoa Nguyen said Vietnamese Foodies always ask employees to improve their skills, knowledge and set development goals for their team. When employees have mastered and mastered their positions, she encourages them to learn new skills so that they can grow and reach higher positions. Every year, she organizes two assessments, the tests are held every six months to check the readiness of the staff to a higher level.

Sharing about the success of Vietnamese Foodies, she affirmed: “Brands grow because people develop. We always consider and find ways to develop our employees because we know that to grow as a company Our business, our people must evolve. We believe that nurturing talent and people from within is vital to our success.”

The fifth establishment and the goal of promoting Vietnamese cuisine to world friends

Following the success with four establishments, Lily Hoa Nguyen will bring home Vietnamese dishes to the soon-to-open location at Dubai Hills Mall in August this year. The venue is intended to accommodate up to 60 people and will serve traditional Vietnamese dishes such as pho, banh mi, and stir-fries and vermicelli. This will also be the first Vietnamese eatery in Dubai with a dedicated coffee area and takeout window.

This new location will help the founder of Vietnamese origin get closer to realizing his goal of bringing Vietnamese cuisine throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Filled with light with modern interiors and sophisticated styling, Lily Hoa Nguyen is also proud to share her new restaurant that reflects her ambition to raise the brand’s standards, in line with the strategy. improve the dining experience and are committed to serving fresh, authentic Vietnamese food all over Dubai.

She added: “Our continued growth is due to the great team we have established, as well as the love we have received from foodies all over the UAE. The key to maintaining trust with our customers is through people.”

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